Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blaze Poker?

Blaze tables are identified by the x icon.
Blaze Poker is a fast-paced game in which you join a large pool of players.
Players in the pool are seated randomly before each hand, so you will face different players in every hand you play.
You can play at multiple tables at the same time.

What is Quick Fold?

Quick Fold is a Blaze Poker feature which folds your hand and moves you to a new table without waiting for the hand to complete.
You can Quick Fold from any position, even before the betting reaches you.
To Quick Fold in a game, simply click the Quick Fold button.
The Quick Fold button is available only when you do not have the option to Check.

How do blinds and seating work in Blaze Poker?

Blinds are assigned to players who have played the longest without posting them.
Players are seated randomly before each hand.

Do I have the same time to act in a Blaze Poker game as in a standard cash game?

Yes. Blaze tables have the same response time as our other cash.

How do I play at more than one table in a Blaze Poker game?

You can play multiple tables by joining the same pool multiple times. Our system will automatically prevent your entries from being seated at the same table.
Simply click the Join Table button or click the +1 button on the table.

Does Blaze Poker have specific rules to guide game play?

Blinds are assigned to players who have played the longest without posting them.
Existing poker rules apply.

Why can’t I watch a Blaze Poker game?

There is no fixed table to observe. Every time players in a game finish a hand they are moved to new tables.
Every participating player has a unique view of their own game play.
The best way to see what Blaze Poker looks like is to join a game and experience it first-hand!

Can I earn Loyalty Points from playing a Blaze Poker game?

Yes. You will earn Loyalty Points in the same way as standard cash games.